About Code Enforcement



To protect and improve the health, safety, welfare, and quality of life of the citizens in our communities through the enforcement of Codes (i.e. building, zoning, housing, land development, animal control, fire safety, environmental, etc.), Ordinances, and Statutes. To protect consumers, property values, environmentally sensitive lands (i.e. wetlands, conservation areas, etc.), infrastructure, and property.


Code Enforcement Officers cover 723 square miles of unincorporated territory. The Division has created 13 zones with an Officer in each one. The officers respond to concerns/complaints and proactively seek out violations which include but, are not limited to; unlicensed contractors, unsafe structures, various property maintenance issues, inoperable vehicles, lot clearing, pain management clinics, sexually oriented businesses, and criminal nuisances.

The Division is also charged with maintaining the Vacant Property Registration program. Additionally, it is responsible for maintaining, utilizing, and scheduling the Nuisance Abatement Board and Special Magistrate Hearings.

Officers can provide educational presentations to Home Owner's Associations (HOAs) and at community events. For more information email [email protected]


Increase public awareness (Community Code Enforcement) regarding current laws and ordinances through public outreach, personal interaction with the community, and attending community meetings. Create programs that are inexpensive but yield high results. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws including property maintenance standards.


Code Enforcement staff work diligently each and every day to resolve disputes, issues, and violations. They flex their hours at times to address issues that may be occurring in the evenings. They are attending association, civic, neighborhood, chamber, and professional organization meetings. They are in the communities creating relationships and increasing their personal contact with as many individuals and groups as possible. The Division implemented Bike and Boat Patrol units to allow for increased visibility and connection with the community.

Unlicensed Contractor Hotline: 941-749-3084