Code Enforcement deploys Sweeps Teams to help clean up Manatee County

Code Enforcement deploys Sweeps Teams to help clean up Manatee County 
Posted on 03/22/2022

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (March 22, 2022) – Manatee County Code Enforcement personnel are doing their part to assist with residents’ Spring Cleaning this year… but they will continue their “sweeps” activities right through the end of 2022.

Code Enforcement Officers will identify areas of the county for clean-up that have extensive areas of outdoor storage, trash, debris, and inoperable vehicles. The division – which has been split into 11 geographic zones – will also deploy resources to address restricted vehicles and overgrown properties while scheduling the Code Enforcement Sweep Team to aggressively address these violations and get the properties into compliance.

The sweeps began in mid-February in the Whitfield Area of Manatee County and are moving into the Oneco area this week. 

“We are conducting these community-targeted outreach events, throughout the county, to clean up areas that are identified,” said Joel Richmond, Interim Chief of Manatee County Code Enforcement. “Ultimately, our goal is compliance through education, and through these efforts we believe we can clean up those areas most in need –  in an effort to better our community.”

While the Oneco area is the focus of the March sweep, other areas of the County are scheduled later in the year as follows:

  • Bayshore Gardens – April
  • Holiday Heights/Trailer Estates – May
  • East Samoset – June
  • West Samoset – July
  • West Bradenton – August
  • Palmetto – September
  • Palmetto/Ellenton – October
  • East County locations - TBD

As each region gets “swept,” residents will see multiple message boards and signs advising of the clean-up activities. While Code Enforcement personnel will lead and coordinate the work, Solid Waste and Public Works employees will be a big part of the effort to remove debris and clear right of ways. Once any areas of concern are addressed, Sweeps Teams will be deployed to address any issue – before they become problems to the citizens who live in the neighborhood.

“The goal is to correct code violations and help our neighborhoods to stay strong,” said District Four Commissioner Misty Servia. “Our first sweep through Whitfield was a resounding success, with 97% compliance when working with the homeowners,” she added. “I expect we will see the same level of success in Oneco.”