Manatee County Government realigns to serve its mission

Manatee County Government realigns to serve its mission
Posted on 03/04/2022

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (March 4, 2022) – With an eye to enhancing service, increasing community engagement, and fostering more efficient and effective processes, Manatee County Government is reorganizing to better serve the County’s mission. 

Strengthening Community and Veterans Services

The Community and Veterans Services Department will offer the same services as Neighborhood Services, with enhancements.

“We decided on this name change to focus on our core mission to provide information and services to the community and to keep the promises made to our military veterans and their families,” said Community and Veteran Services Director Lee Washington. “We’ve realigned the department to give it a more simplified structure with a more intentional mission. We want to be engaging the community, building relationships, and making our community stronger.”

Enhancing Development Services

The County is also introducing the new Development Services department. Director Courtney De Pol will lead the transition from the former Building and Development Services, as the department realigns to focus on its mission to improve customer service and efficiencies through new technology and processes.

“We’re building with the community, partnering and collaborating with the citizens and the developers in this county,” said De Pol. “I’m committed to delivering superior customer service and making things more efficient.”

Changes will continue to roll out over the coming months, as the County’s two new departments shift focus, boost services, and embrace their new names and missions.