County Programs

Manatee County offers an array of programs and services for local residents and businesses.

  Children's Services Programs

In Manatee County, the Dedicated Millage for Children funds an array of prevention, intervention and treatment programs for children birth through seventeen years of age.

  Economic Development Programs

Manatee County offers a range of incentives and grant programs to encourage business growth, good jobs and community prosperity.

  Fee Assistance Programs

Manatee County's Neighborhood Services department provides a host of services for the economically disadvantaged. Qualified recipients may receive assistance with prescriptions, ambulance fees, and indigent burial.

  Housing Programs

Manatee County offers a range of programs for homeowners and aspiring homeowners, including Down Payment Assistance programs, housing repair, housing replacement, and the Affordable Housing Program.

  Probation Programs

Manatee County Probation Services manages a number of programs, including Pretrial Release Services, the Offender Work Program, the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, and the DUI Victim Impact Panel Program.

  Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

The PACE Program provides financing for property owners to make qualifying improvements to their businesses or homes. Improvements may be made in the form of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and/or wind resistance

  Senior Services Programs

Manatee County manages many programs to assist elderly residents. The programs enable seniors ages 60 and older to remain in their homes, the home of their caregiver, or an assisted living facility.

  Veterans Services Programs

Manatee County Veterans Services helps Veterans and their dependents obtain the benefits earned through their service. The County also offers the Active Military Combat Duty Grant Program

  Water Conservation Rebate Programs

Manatee County rebate programs are designed to reduce the amount of drinking water drawn from Manatee County Utilities Department and used for flushing toilets and landscape irrigation by offering financial incentives.

The County offers two types of rebates: indoor water conservation (toilet replacement rebate) and outdoor water conservation, which includes rebates for wells, irrigation systems and more. The County also offers a Rain Barrel Program.