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VuSpex Virtual Mechanical Final - Video Inspection
Posted on 06/28/2022


Development Services is now offering VuSpex, a virtual building inspections tool that provides inspection services to contractors remotely, with the use of any device. Using VuSpex, inspectors can thoroughly perform a virtual inspection from any location, saving the contractors both time and money.
We are excited to announce the launch of  Mechanical Final - Video Inspection on Mechanical records. 


Currently, VuSpex can be used for the following permit types:

  • AC Change Out Residential Express
  • Mechanical Standard

Contractors must have a cell phone with adequate resolution and signal quality and must be able to download the VuSpex GO App.


  1. Download the VuSpex GO App to your device: App Store | Google Play
  2. After downloading the VuSpex GO App, please refer to the "Checklist of Required Video "  instruction PDF document below, in order to submit the VuSpex Offline Field Report of the installation.

Checklist of Required Videos


For any additional questions about virtual inspections, please contact us.

Manatee County Development Services
Inspection Division
1112 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34221
[email protected]

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