Impact Fees

Impact fees are a one-time charge collected when new construction is completed in the unincorporated area of Manatee County. New construction increases demand for County infrastructure capacity, so impact fees ensure that new development pays its fair share of the capital cost incurred by the County to maintain adopted Levels of Service to accommodate population and job growth.

The use of impact fees is restricted to funding growth-related capital improvements for multimodal transportation, parks and natural resources, law enforcement, public safety, libraries and may not be used for replacing infrastructure, maintenance, or operations.

Education Facility (School) impact fees are assessed countywide; however, Manatee County only collects the assessed impact fees for new development located within the unincorporated area of the County.

The County also collects impact fees for each Fire Department, as well as Facility Investment Fees (Utility) for water and wastewater capacity. To obtain additional information regarding impact fees for the corresponding Fire Departments, click here for contact information. Click here to obtain additional information regarding Facility Investment Fees. 


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NOTICE IS PROVIDED, pursuant to Ordinance 24-22, the adoption thereof by the Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, on June 6, 2024, amended the Educational Facilities Impact Fee Schedule currently levied by Manatee County. The fees, as noted in Ordinance 24-22, will become effective Monday, September 9, 2024.


View the new Educational Facility Impact Fee Schedule below. 

Impact Fees per Dwelling Unit

Dwelling Unit Square Feet Size Tiers


Proposed Fees

9.09.2024 -09.08.2025

9.09.2025 -09.08.2026

9.09.2026 -09.08.2027

9.09.2027 and Beyond

750 or less





751 to 1,000





1,001 to 1,300





1,301 to 1,700





1,701 to 2,200





2,201 or more





Impact Fee Annual Reports

The annual report documents impact fee collections and expenditures by type of infrastructure and Multi-Modal Transportation Benefit District. The report includes end of fiscal year expenditures, fund balances, a detail summary of items which have been appropriated within the budget, while not yet spent, and outstanding impact fee credits to date. The report also provides a historical summary from inception for the status of the impact fees in each district.


If you are interested in viewing a specific Annual Impact Fees Report, please Email us at [email protected] and staff will contact you directly.  

Content is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of a conflict between content shared on this web page and the adopted impact fee ordinance and/or resolution, in all instances the adopted ordinance and/or resolution shall control. Manatee County’s Land Development Code (LDC)