Manatee County Logo

The use of the Manatee County logo shall be limited to vendors applying the logo to formal Bids or Proposals to be submitted to the County pursuant to a competitive solicitation by the County. 

Additional use of the Manatee County logo must be requested in advance and in writing to the County Administrator or his designee.

Only requests from Vendors under contract or currently retained by Manatee County or who have, within the past five years, successfully completed a contract or provided goods or services to the County shall be considered.

Written approval may be granted if the County Administrator or his designee determines that the requested additional use of the logo would reflect favorably upon the County and would not create any foreseeable risk of confusion or liability for the County.

The County Logo is not to be stretched, skewed, distorted or edited in any way. Do not alter the colors of the logo. Do not rotate the logo in either direction.

Use Guide

Logo General Use Download
Color Logo This is the primary representation of the County logo. Any forms, flyers, reports or other office documents that formally had the County seal will now have the new logo. PNG Format
Grayscale Logo Use this version when you are not printing to a color printer. The use of this logo follows the same application methods as the full color logo. PNG Format
Black Logo Use this version when contrast is most important. The replacement process is as mentioned above. PNG Format
White Logo Use this white version on backgrounds when the color version does not have enough contrast. Download from the link to the right (do not save the image to the left) to ensure a transparent background. PNG Format
EPS Logo The Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) file should be used when working with an outside vendor that requires a high quality, high resolution copy. Do not use this in normal document situations. Instead, use the PNG file. EPS Format