We provide the software and hardware needed to run and maintain the County's website. We also manage an internal intranet website to provide the County with an area for communication and collaboration.

The County website use a type of software called a Content Management System (CMS) for page creation. The advantage of a CMS is that it allows non-technical people to write, edit, and publish web pages.

IT maintains the hardware on which the website runs and the databases and repositories in which we store our information. We also secure the website from malicious Web attacks.

2009 - Magnolia

Magnolia version of

2009 - Matrix Revision

The Matrix Revision simplified navigation to some of the commonly viewed areas of our website. It replaced the text on the main page with Quick Links. It also changed some of the underlying pages to also display Quick Links and modified the manner in which the headlines were displayed. 

This was a stop gap measure put in place as we worked on the redesign of the website.

Screenshot of 2009 website

2005 - Green Domino

This website was the first to use a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a means for non-technical people to add and edit pages on the website without having to learn HTML to build Web pages. It carried over the navigational scheme from the Blue Frames website.

Screenshot of 2005 website

1998 - The Spinning Coins

This version of the website expanded the number of links to Departments under the Board of County Commissioners. The gold coins to the left of the links were animated, thus the name we gave this version. The white bars across the top were links created by a java applet which are no longer visible in this screen capture.

The look was cleaner, The java applet, animated spinning coins and textured background were quite stylish at the time.

Screenshot of 2001 website

1997 - The Manatees

The website in 1997 was the same set of links and contacts, but background madness had struck. Believe it or not, back in the day many websites looked like this.

Screenshot of 1997 website

1996 - The First Website

Manatee County's original website was little more than a collection of links to the other Constitutionals as well as some contact information.

 Screenshot of 1996 website