Meeting Rooms


The primary use of the Manatee County Public Library System’s (MCPLS) meeting rooms is for conducting the official business of the Library. When meeting rooms are not being used for Library and Library partner programs, by the Friends of the Library, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) or the other Manatee County Departments, they may be used by individuals, groups, and organizations in the public and private sector according to the Meeting Room Policy. The Library Services Manager is responsible for administration of the policy and reserves the right to terminate a reservation at any time without prior notice.

Meeting Room Guidelines

  • Room users are responsible for setting up the tables, chairs, and technology in the room. Please call ahead to ask what kind of cables and converters you may need.

  • Most meeting rooms are kept locked. Please check in upon arrival to be let into the room and given an attendance card. Note that you may be asked to show ID. 

  • Applicants shall not advertise the library as the location of a meeting until written confirmation of approval has been received.

  • Meetings may only be scheduled during regular library hours. Room reservations may start no earlier than fifteen minutes after the library opens, and must end fifteen minutes before the facility closes. Applicants are not allowed in the library facility before normal opening time.  

  • The Library’s name and address cannot be used as the official address or headquarters of the scheduling applicant.

  • It is understood that the granting of permission to use the library meeting room does not constitute an endorsement by Manatee County of the applicant or its programs.

  • The applicant is financially responsible for any damages to the room or contents and equipment.

  • The applicant is responsible for meeting any ADA or other legal requirements which may apply to it with respect to its meeting or program.

  • The applicant is responsible for providing meeting technology. Instruction on the use of library-owned equipment is available by pre-arrangement. Room users must bring their own laptop, tablet, or other devices as needed. The Library has a limited selection of connector cables for hooking up to the projector. 

  • All locations have limited parking availability with regard to on-site parking. Meetings expected to draw large crowds may be denied unless the applicant agrees to formulate an off-site parking and/or car pooling plan.

  • As the situation may dictate, the Library reserves the right to assign applicant to a different meeting space as necessary.

Fees for Meeting Room Use

The definitions used to determine fees for groups wishing to reserve a meeting room are as follows:

1. Non-profit 501c3 organizations with a Manatee County address that have proof of active non-profit status may reserve a MCPLS meeting room free of charge for meetings or for civic, cultural, governmental, or educational programs. 501c3 non-profit status documentation must be provided at the time of reservation. All non-profit 501c3 meetings must be open to the public.

2. Manatee County Businesses, associations, and individuals not qualifying for 501c3 non-profit status, and who match the descriptions below, may rent a meeting room in accordance with MCPLS Meeting Room Fees and Meeting Room Policy. Meeting rooms are not available for personal social or private parties such as birthday celebrations, showers, or receptions, or sports/athletics practices. All functions must be appropriate in a public environment and attendee behavior must conform to the Library’s Code of Conduct

  • Any Business or Association
  • Any Individual or Private group
  • Any private function or fundraising event for a non-profit charitable organization, civic group, or public education agency

Rates are charged in one (1) hour increments:

  • $50/hour for auditorium spaces
  • $25/hour for meeting rooms

Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to one (1) meeting per month. Meeting rooms must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance and no more than 45 days prior to reservation date. Notice of cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance. There is a $25.00 No-Show Fee. Two cancellations without proper notice or no shows within 12 months will result in forfeiture of meeting room privileges.

A cleaning fee of $25 for meeting rooms and $50 for auditoriums per rental is charged for any group serving food or beverages at their meeting. This applies to both non-profit and business rentals.

book a Meeting ROOm

Application procedure:

  • Go to to complete a booking form for the preferred time, date, and location.
  • Submitting the booking form does not constitute approval, all applications are considered tentative until confirmed by library supervisors. Approved applicants will receive confirmation via email. 
  • Requests can be made online 48 hours to 45 days in advance. For last minute availability, call the library branch directly. The library system cannot guarantee room availability.
  • If you are booking the Recording Studio at Central Library, please read the Area 52 Recording Studio Policy before you complete the online booking form.
  • Please read the complete Meeting Room Policy and Guidelines above, including this application procedure, before you complete the online booking form.

Book a Meeting Room

 To book a smaller study room, please go to Study Room Booking


Meeting room policy revised and approved by the Library Board of Trustees on June 25, 2021. 
Adopted by Board of County Commissioners on July 27, 2021.