Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged Voluntary Dollar Program

Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged Voluntary Dollar Program
Posted on 05/04/2020

If you know of someone who needs transportation to get to work or school, or who has no way to get to the doctor's office or clinic, there is a way to help. The Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged program offers transportation for citizens throughout the state. The Commission, in conjunction with Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the county Tax Collectors launched a program to secure additional trips for Floridians.

In a campaign called "Put Your Dollar to Work" the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged is asking that Floridians help friends and neighbors who need transportation services by voluntarily contributing a dollar to the trust fund for the Transportation Disadvantaged.

This opportunity is available because of a law passed by the 1994 Florida Legislature which allows for citizens who register their vehicles or renew their registrations to voluntarily contribute additional funds (in increments of a dollar) to be used to offer more rides to people who use coordinated transportation.

Funding for the program comes from revenues collected from the vehicle registrations. For every registration or renewal $1.50 is ear marked for the Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Trust Fund. If you wish to make a voluntary contribution, there is a place on the vehicle registration form to indicate that your additional money is to go to the TD Trust Fund.

Since the voluntary program went into effect people throughout Florida have been "Putting Their Dollars to Work". The funds collected in each county go toward additional trips in that county.

Please remember to mark TD Trust Fund for your voluntary contribution and add your dollars to those of your family and friends who are "Putting Their Dollars to Work".

Download a Program Poster for Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged Voluntary Dollar.