Manatee County Employee of the Year, Patricia Adams

Manatee County Employee of the Year, Patricia Adams
Posted on 02/03/2022

Patricia works in the Public Works Department as a Transit Operator.  Patricia operates different modes of transportation such as a passenger trolley, bus or van transporting citizens, senior citizens, and/or the physically disabled.

In both fixed route and Handy bus Operating modes, Patricia willingly leaves her seat to assist passengers with boarding and alighting, properly secures wheelchair devices, and answers customer questions regarding the service area, connecting routes, and travel destinations.  Patricia willingly works Saturday overtime shifts every month--except one Saturday a month which is reserved to care for her elderly mother.

Patricia treats everyone with the utmost courtesy and response.  She knows her regular passengers by name and makes it a point to greet everyone.

During the first part of her career with MCAT, Patricia worked as a Handy Bus operator and received recognition after finding a client unconscious on the floor of her home.  Another time, she safely evacuated her bus of all passengers after smelling burning wires before the bus erupted in flames.  These efforts demonstration Patricia's commitment to customer safety and her passengers.  Patricia is now approaching 18 years of service delivery operations with the School Board, nursing home, and MCAT without a single preventable accident occurrence, which is remarkable.

In addition to finding a client, Patricia also found a backpack on her trolley and after no one claimed it, she took it upon herself to post the found bag to Craigslist and found the owner in New Jersey.

Congratulations Pat!