MCAT Publishes Year In Review 2021 Report

MCAT Publishes Year In Review 2021 Report
Posted on 03/01/2022

In February 2022, MCAT published its Year In Review its annual report document for 2021, “Innovating To Serve You”. This glossy full-color pamphlet reviews MCAT’s vision and performance over the past year. In FY 2021, MCAT recorded 1,393,000 passenger trips on its fixed route buses as system ridership levels are returning to normal following the pandemic. The pamphlet highlights MCAT’s many innovative programs and technology advances that MCAT has made in the past year including Fixed Route Travel Training,  new destination sign technology and an updated digital camera system on buses.

Among the initiatives, opportunities and challenges facing MCAT going forward are:

  • MCAT’s in-house service delivery approach offers the flexibility to assist with other critical but often unforeseen community needs (vaccines, food programs, disaster and storm evacuation events.)
  • MCAT’s in-house operations offer optimal flexibility for MCAT to assist with a variety of other community needs.
  • MCAT’s existing MOD (Mobility on Demand) service model can be replicated in other parts of Manatee County.
View the MCAT Year in Review 2021 Report.