MCAT Resumes Fare Collections on December 5th

MCAT Resumes Fare Collections on December 5th
Posted on 10/06/2020

Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) will resume fare collection for fixed route transit and Handy Bus services starting on Saturday, December 5, 2020, including the MCAT Route 99 buses that travel into Sarasota County.

  1. With the resumption of fare collection, riders will need to board through the front door and exit through the rear doors to minimize crowding at the fare box and maximize social distancing.

  2. Now that COVID-19/Phase 3 re-openings are underway, service levels and ridership returning to pre-pandemic levels, and with two-month advance notice for our passengers, fare collections will resume effective December 5, 2020.

  3. Staff is committed to MCAT’s pandemic safety program, and these efforts will continue: Comprehensive fleet and facility sanitizing procedures, daily sanitizing bus wipe-downs, transit bus wipe-downs during layovers at Transit Stations, hand sanitizers, face masks and bio-shields (i.e., that protect transit operators) onboard the entire fleet.

  4. Passengers must also do their part and utilize the face masks and hand sanitizer provided onboard the fleet to ensure the safety of other passengers and MCAT employees.

  5. For more information on public transportation services, please contact Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) at (941) 747-8621 or visit