Application Tips

Important Tips for the Results First Application

As you approach the Results First Investment Application, keep these five helpful points in mind.

This approach is a mindset difference. We have moved from being a funder of your programs to being an investor in your results. Funders grade proposals. Investors want to answer three questions:

    • What difference will this program make? When our money is gone, what will be better and for whom?
    • What are the chances that differences will be made? How strong are you on factors that forecast success?
    • Given all opportunities before us, is this program of high comparative value? Does it stand out in any way for high return in human gain? 
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Click here  if you are new to Results First and need a Results First worksheet to help you develop results, milestones, and verification.

Make sure the person or people who will implement the program are involved in writing your application. You are asked to define and commit in ways that go deep into what you do and achieve. You are not “writing a grant.” You are providing key data points to attract investment. 

Look carefully at the Guidance and Examples provided for each question in the narrative. Our staff will take your questions only after you have read both Guidance and Examples and remain unclear.  Do not assume the questions are the same as the prior year.

Note that length of response is not a virtue. We have tried to make the questions different enough that you need to say things only once. Also, the words needed to speak to results and who gets them are far fewer than the words needed to speak to activities. Word limits are in place to reinforce brevity. If we want more detail, rest assured we will ask for it.


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