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Alerts & Notifications

Project 411
Project 411 is a collaborative Citizen Notification System where citizens can opt-in to receive special news alerts from government agencies like Manatee County Government, Florida Department of Transportation, Health Department and more. It's a simple sign up process. Just fill in the form below, and you will be added to the contact list. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Project Outreach
The purpose of Project Outreach is to bridge communication between government agencies, Homeowners Associations, Community Associations, and Neighborhood Associations and new residents. We want you to be the first to know when a project will be occurring in your neighborhood so you have enough time to actively plan for it or make public comment when applicable.

The form can be filled out by the HOA/Neighborhood Association or a neighborhood specialist from the Neighborhood Planning division will be in touch with you to update the record.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)
Asset-based community development (ABCD) is a methodology that seeks to uncover and utilize the strengths within communities as a means for sustainable development. The basic tenet is that a capacities-focused approach is more likely to empower the community and therefore mobilize citizens to create positive and meaningful change from within.

CAI West Florida
CAI West Florida's mission is to provide education, tools, and resources promoting the highest standards among managers, business partners, homeowners and board members for the benefit of all community associations in the Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties.

Manatee IFAS
For all of your community and private gardening needs. Want to learn more about Florida-Friendly landscaping, nutrition, healthy living, and more. 

Manatee 311
Manatee 311 provides a central contact point for citizens to report an issue, request a service, seek information/referrals, and direct complaints, compliments and suggestions regarding government service.

Manatee County Library Reference Desk
Manatee Libraries are committed to the education and success of students, residents, businesses, and visitors. They provide access to materials and classes that support information needs and personal growth.

The Citizen Dispute Settlement Program
The Citizen Dispute Settlement Program (CDSP) provides mediation and referral services for the citizens of DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota Counties. All of our services are free to the public. This mediation service is available to parties prior to filing a case with the court.

 Other Important Local Government Links

Event Calendars

County Calendar of Events
County Meetings & Special Events

Bradenton Area Convention &
Visitor’s Bureau Events

Check out events coming to our

Ag & Extension Service
The Manatee County Extension Service is an educational program which brings the resources of the University of Florida to Manatee County.

Parks & Natural Resources Calendar
Parks & Natural Resources offers programs in environmental education, passive outdoor recreation, and volunteer stewardship.

Manatee County Public Library System
Our library system nurtures imagination,
promotes lifelong learning, and enriches
the community.

Manatee Historical Park
Manatee Village presents several popular festivals annually and throughout the year program events may also include lectures, craft workshops and interactive family-friendly activities at the Village.

Manatee County Agricultural Museum
Our mission is to preserve, share and educate the community about Manatee County’s agricultural heritage and to support local agriculture today and into the future.

Palmetto Historical Park
The Palmetto Historical Park offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn about the history of Palmetto and the area on the north side of the Manatee River.

Manatee County Schools Calendar
School Year Calendar

Realize Bradenton
Realize Bradenton is a nonprofit organization that brings people together to create a vibrant and prosperous downtown area for residents, visitors, and businesses.

Marauders Baseball
Be a Part of Bradenton’s tradition of exciting, family-friendly Marauders Baseball. Bradenton Marauders... The Tradition Continues.

Manatee Chamber
Find a wide variety of community events

Bay News 9
Find a wide variety of community events

County Press Releases