Neighborhood Wellness Strategy

Is your neighborhood faced with challenges or looking for ways to improve? Do you want to get involved in your community, but are unsure where to begin or how to make an impact? Do you and your neighbors want more say in the direction and future of your neighborhood? Then the Neighborhood Wellness Strategy (NWS) may be for you!

A neighborhood wellness strategy can help you to organize your neighbors and prioritize the action items your community needs to focus on. The NWS helps your community diagnose important conditions in your neighborhood (i.e. Public Safety, Socioeconomics, Civic Engagement), prescribes vital Government/community services and resources, and provides a means for monitoring and managing future projects and efforts.

To learn more about the NWS process, review the NWS Powerpoint below. 

Neighborhood Wellness Strategy Overview by Neighborhood Connections on Scribd

Is your neighborhood ready for its assessment? To get started, email Ogden Clark ([email protected]).

Washington Park Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP) Feedback Wanted

Washington Park NAP Summary Report

Washington Park NAP Full Report

If you live or work in the Washington Park neighborhood, we'd like to hear from you. In order to gain useable feedback, please at least review the Summary Report above before taking this quick survey: Washington Park NAP Survey

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