Construction Services

The Construction Services program is responsible for all vertical construction undertaken by the County. The program provides both project and construction management resources for the renewal of County-owned facilities, to increase efficiency, or extend the useful life of such facility.

This program provides services in the following areas:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Construction of new county structures

Responsibilities include working with other County Departments and consultants to ensure that projects are designed and implemented according to each department's request and public need. Additionally, this program has the responsibility of managing the construction projects of all county departments except for those in the Public Works and Utilities departments.

This program undertakes the planning and design (and provides the manpower for completion) of minor renovation projects in County-owned structures. With larger projects, the program will oversee contracted engineering, drafting and general construction services necessary to complete such projects. The program provides the resources to complete field inspections of these projects to assure compliance with applicable County standards, plans and specifications. The managing of these construction projects includes coordinating and prioritizing all submissions by County Departments and constitutional offices, preparation of the project control sheets to establish project budgets and funding sources, and monitoring of project expenditures.

The Construction Services program periodically performs building inventory inspections to ensure that county owned and leased facilities are safe, efficient and functional, in accordance with established inspection protocols.