Parks & Grounds Maintenance

The Parks & Grounds Maintenance Division provides maintenance to over 54 parks, including 3 beaches, totaling over 1,200 acres and over 40 non-park areas, beach facilities, Board of County Commissioner and Constitutional Officers' facilities, and monitors landscaping and general grounds maintenance.

The Park & Grounds team maintains athletic/sports fields, tennis and basketball courts, restrooms, picnic pavilions, sidewalks, park signs, landscape beds, trees, playground equipment, fences, boat ramps, irrigation systems, multi-use trails, parking lots, and lighting of various types.

pickleball During the course of a year, the routine maintenance of the Parks & Grounds Division includes mowing grass, cleaning restrooms, trimming trees, repairing vandalism, replacing lights, preparing numerous athletic fields for play, turf maintenance (including irrigation, seeding, top dressing, aerating and fertilizing), working with volunteers, fence installations, landscaping, planting trees, constructing/repairing picnic tables and benches, installing walkways, painting, plumbing repairs and picking up trash.

Sustainable Practices

The Parks & Grounds Maintenance Division aims to use sustainable maintenance practices and has introduced various means to do so, including:


  • Converting to LED lighting
  • Introducing "No Mow" zones
  • Enhancing our surveillance and security measures
  • Stepping up the the Department's recycling program
  • Increasing our solar intelligent waste & recycling collection system
  • Beautifying our landscaping with Florida Friendly and native plants
  • Using organic mulching programs and tactics for limiting the use of chemicals
  • Using non-glyphosate herbicide at all of our beach, boat ramp, and waterway locations

Parks and Grounds Maintenance Team


  • David Shurmur, Division Manager
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