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The following list of fields will be closed for Summer Renovations as we prepare for the upcoming 2024-25 Seasons. The information provided is a guide for extended fields closures and are subject to change, including small repairs with isolated closure for 1-2 working days.

Blackstone Soccer June & July

Little League July & August
Braden River Little League #1 - #7
  Soccer June & July
Buffalo Creek Soccer & Football June & July
Greenbrook All Fields May 20 - Sept. 2
G.T. Bray North Soccer Fields
June - Sept. 2
  South Soccer & Football June & July

Lakewood Ranch Big Baseball #1 May 20 - Sept. 2
  Softball #2 May 13 - Sept. 2
  2x Softball & Baseball Fields June & July *
  All Soccer & Football June & July
Lincoln Park Soccer & Football  June & July
Palma Sola Soccer & Football June & July

*  College league followed by Maintenance.

Please consider use at one of the County’s neighboring community parks. Rentals will not be permitted at these locations, but rather on a first-come basis. Target Date for many of the Fields to reopen will be August 1.

Do you have a birthday party, group of friends, or travel ball team interested in reserving an athletic field?  To guarantee a field will be available for your planned use, please email [email protected] your requested dates, times, and preferred field location. 

Note: Please review all fees and provide detailed information when requesting use of the fields. Staffing, Building Access, Parking, Field Lines and other items are not included with the rental of the fields. 

  Without Lights With Lights
Softball Field $15/hr  $26/hr*
Little League Field $15/hr $26/hr*
Big League Field $25/hr $36/hr*
Football/Soccer Field $25/hr $36/hr*
*1.5 Hour Min. Required 
Camps / Clinics / Tournaments $80/field +$21/hr
        - Security Deposit $100
Field Rental Agreement Processing Fee  $5/per agreement
Field Rental Late Fee** $15
**All field requests must be received by email 2 business days before the rental date or a late will be charged. 
Drag and Lining Field $20/per field
Field Painting $30 - $80 plus Staff (please contact athletics staff for specific cost)
Please note: No renter will be permitted to use motorized equipment on any athletic field without written agreement between the renter and the County. 

View maps of fields

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Blackstone Park Fields

Blackstone Park

Braden River Park Fields

Braden River Park

GT Bray Park Fields

GT Bray Park

Buffalo Creek Park Fields

Buffalo Creek Park

Greenbrook Park Fields

*Park Map Coming Soon*
- 4 Grass Fields / No Lights
- Playground
- Pavilion / Restroom

Lakewood Ranch Park Fields

Lakewood Ranch Park

Lincoln Park Fields

Lincoln Park

Palma Sola Park Fields

Palma Sola Park