Youth Basketball League

The Manatee County Sports & Leisure Services Department offers two seasons of our County’s Youth Basketball program that is designed to encourage players of all ages 3-17, gender, and ability. The purpose of our league is to develop the fundamentals of the game and promote team play through teaching, training, and sportsmanship. Without overly emphasizing winning every game as a primary goal we can encourage skill development, a positive attitude, and a healthy self-esteem.

Once a player has registered, parents will then be given information regarding a preseason camp, evaluation and/or scrimmage game in which their child is scheduled to attend. Register online for youth basketball.

Upon completion of preseason workouts the Athletic Staff will separate teams for equality purpose. Once teams have been set, coaches have been assigned and all coach requirements have been met, teams may begin to practice. Teams will be scheduled eight regular season games and compete in a season ending single elimination tournament.

To learn more information about our program please see a list of FAQ's listed below or contact the Athletics Division at (941) 742-5923.

Visit www.TeamSideLine.Com/Manatee to find current, or past, schedules to learn more about potential game days, times, or learn about upcoming programs.


What are the two seasons, when is registration, and when does the season(s) end?


  • Registration: January 1 - 31
  • Pre-season Workouts Start: First week in February*
  • Practices/Games Start: Middle of February*
  • Playoffs/Championships: Middle or end of May


  • Registration: July 1 - August 1
  • Pre-season Workouts Start: First week in August*
  • Practices/Games Start: First week in September*
  • Playoffs/Championships: Middle of November
*Once registered, please refer to the information sheet provided for specific dates. 

Interested in our league but you are a little late (or early)?

Send us the following information at [email protected].  Please be sure to include your name, your child's name, your child's age, and a great phone number to reach you if space is currently available, otherwise we will add you to our database for next season.

How much does the league cost and do I need to buy anything else?

League registration is $70 per player and includes the team jersey.  Athletic shoes are required, athletic shorts or leggings are suggested.

Register online here.

Can you please explain the process used to separate teams and how long does this take?

Teams are separated by age and gender (when numbers permit). Once age and/or gender divisions have been determined players are then divided into teams based on Height, Ability, Speed, and sometimes School. This process usually takes a week once the preseason workouts have concluded. *Age division 10 and older and separated by a draft.

Can I request a coach or for my child to be on his/her friend’s team?

Requests are simply requests and while we would like to please everyone, it is just not always possible. We also strongly believe that a child playing against their competition will help push their game further, much more than playing alongside.

If I were interested in coaching, what are the coaching requirements?

Interest is the first requirement followed by knowledge or willing to learn.  Coaches must fill out the proper forms (see below) to be processed by the Athletics staff. 

Coaches must have a clean background and must attend our coaches training program prior to stepping onto the court.  After they have completed both a background check and the coaching course, coach will be assigned a team where they may begin practices.

Note: Only approved coaches, or staff, are approved to run a practice or coach a game. Coaches are asked to organize a least one practice each week and attend all games, otherwise they are to notify the league director and be assigned a coaching substitute.

When and where will my child practice?

Practice days, times and locations are assigned by their coach. This information will not be known until teams are divided and coaches are assigned.

When and where will games be played?

All games will be played at G.T. Bray Park inside the Gymnasium. Schedules are subject to the number of teams.

Is your program a Recreation or a Competitive program?

We consider our program to be both.  We welcome all ages and levels with the approach that every child learns and every child plays. Our preseason workouts are much like that of a camp, allowing your child to develop or re-learn the basics of basketball. Practices and Regular season games continue that approach but in an organized team setting allowing the youth to learn new and exciting drills or plays each week.

Interested in volunteering?

If interested, please fill out the attached forms and return to the Athletics office at the G.T. Bray Recreation Center.