Accounts & Billing FAQs

Account FAQs

How do I open, close or transfer my account?

Call Manatee County Utilities Customer Service at (941) 792-8811 to stop service or change the name on your account.

How do I change my billing address?

There are three ways to change your billing address:

  • Call Manatee County Utilities Customer Service at (941) 792-8811.
  • Email Customer Service at [email protected].
  • Fill in the change of mailing address on back of payment stub and remit to Manatee County Utilities Customer Service.

How much will my deposit be?

Residential Water/Sewer Deposit Requirements

Manatee County Utilities Customer Service Department requires a $165 deposit for an average single family home. Deposits on individually metered single family homes will be applied to the customer's account after two years of excellent payment history.

Residential Solid Waste Only Deposit Requirements

Manatee County Utilities requires a $30 deposit for a residential (garbage only) single family home. When the account is closed, the deposit is applied to the final balance.

Additional Deposits may be required when the account is delinquent three or more times, or has presented two or more bad checks in a 12-month period.

Deposit Interest: The deposit interest rate is the Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rate effective as of October 1 of each year. Accrued interest will be credited to your account.

Transfer of Deposits: If the account is current, deposits are transferable from one account to another similar account within the unincorporated portion of Manatee County.

All deposits (if not transferred or applied to the account) are applied to the final bills.

Commercial Deposit Requirements

Commercial deposits are determined by meter size. Master meter accounts are based on meter size and number of units. To determine the meter size and deposit amount, please call the Manatee County Utilities Customer Service Department at (941) 792-8811, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., with the exception of holidays.

What address do I send my payment to?

P.O. Box 25350
Bradenton, FL 34206-5350

Is there a seasonal rate while I am away from my home?

No, at this time Manatee County Utilities does not offer a seasonal rate. However, if there is no usage on your account it would only be charged the base rates.

How do I stop my automatic funds transfer?

If you are currently enrolled in this program you will continue to be unless you cancel.

You will need to cancel your AFT if you decide to set up recurring payments through the Customer Web Access (CWA) website.

To cancel Automatic Funds Transfer please complete the AFT cancellation form.

My water was turned off for non-payment. When will it be turned back on?

Manatee County Utilities will turn the water back on the next business day after the payment has been made.

Bill & Payment FAQs

Why is my bill so high?

Manatee County Utilities bills are made up of base rates and usage charges. If you feel your usage is too high, please read about leak testing or explore our Water Conservation options.

How can I get my balance? Can I look it up online?

By utilizing Customer Web Access (CWA), you can see your statement, make payments and more. You may also call Manatee County Utilities Customer Service at (941) 792-8811.

How can I get a duplicate bill?

You can access your account online through Customer Web Access (CWA), and view/print statements. 

You can also request a duplicate bill through Manatee County Utilities Customer Service at (941) 792-8811.

Why do I have more than one charge for water on my bill?

Manatee County has two charges for water and two charges for wastewater.  Each has a base rate and a usage rate. 

The base rate is a flat amount charged monthly. This amount covers the cost of maintenance and operation of the system. The amount is charged even if there is no usage.

Manatee County Utilities bills water usage in steps or stages, as shown in the Manatee County Utilities Water Rates. This amount will fluctuate based on the amount of water actually used.

Why do I have to pay base rates if my meter is locked or I'm not using water?

Manatee County Utilities charges base rates to any property occupied or unoccupied that is connected to the county infrastructure (water and/or sewer lines) as well as a mandatory solid waste charge for residential accounts.

How can I get help paying my bill?

Manatee County Utilities Customer Service may be able to assist you with a possible payment arrangement.  We also provide the following list of local organizations that may be able to offer assistance.

  • United Way - (941) 308-4357, or dial 211 from any touchtone phone
  • Salvation Army - (941) 748-5110
  • Manatee County Opportunity Council - (941) 827-0188
  • Catholic Charities - (941) 379-7997

Payment Issues

Why didn't my payment go through even after I received a confirmation number?

Payments made on the automated phone service and county website are done with a batch process and not drawn from the account immediately. Although you may have received a confirmation number, reasons your payment may not go through include:

  • Your bank rejected the payment
    Input error
  • Returned Item 
  • Other unexpected issues

I keyed my payment (or other account information) in wrong. Can I get the returned item fee waived?

The account may be reviewed for a one-time fee waiver during the life of the account.