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The Wastewater Compliance Office provides oversight and public guidance for any type of actual or contemplated discharge to Manatee County's sanitary sewer and water reclamation facilities.
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The Wastewater Compliance Section is responsible for ensuring that the County's Wastewater Division maintains compliance with federal, state, and local laws governing its operation of three water reclamation facilities, a wastewater residuals pelletizer facility, numerous injection well systems, a sanitary sewer collection system, and a reclaimed water distribution system.

Operating within the criteria outlined in Manatee County's Sewer Use Ordinance, the Wastewater Compliance Section also administers and enforces the Industrial Pretreatment Program (which compels local industry to comply with federal, state and local pretreatment standards to protect the integrity, reliability and viability of the County's wastewater treatment infrastructure), from which the Hauled Waste Program (which provides for an environmentally safe means of disposal for locally generated domestic septage, chemical toilet waste, and grease trap/interceptor waste) and the Construction Site Dewatering Authorization process are derived, as well as the FOG Control Program (which attempts to reduce quantities of fats, oil and grease discharged to the sanitary sewer as a means of reducing occurrences of sanitary sewer overflows).