Your water meter is read monthly and keeping the area around your water meter free of obstruction allows our staff to efficiently collect readings for billing, turn water on and off and repair or replace the meter.

Please limit your landscape area around your water meter box. 

There needs to be an easy access to your water meter box to allow our staff to effectively make repairs and/or take monthly readings. Items such as bushes, trees, shrubs and other materials placed over and/or around water meters can hinder our staff from performing their job. 

Maintaining Meter Area

  • Customers who already have established landscaping are asked to trim the vegetation back from the meter box.
  • The meter area should be kept clear of shrubbery, ornamental trees, and low growing bushes. Do not bury your meter.
  • Please be sure not to place anything on top of or covering the meter (lawn ornaments, rocks, mulch, etc.)
  • Please do not park a vehicle or trailer on top of the meter.


If a Meter Technician discovers your meter area has become overgrown or other issue you may receive a friendly reminder in the mail reminding you of our access requirements.