Water Quality Information

The Manatee County Utilities Department makes a commitment daily to provide the highest quality drinking water to the residents of Manatee County, Sarasota County and cities served.

  • The 2023 Annual Report Card presents information on drinking water, water conservation rebate programs, water consumption, water rates, the cross connection control program, and water conservation.
  • Additional Water Quality Information is a summary of additional regulated (secondary) and non-regulated parameters. Because all values are below the MCLs, this information is not integrated in the 2022 Water Quality Summary Report. However we would like to make this information available to our customers.
  • The Monitoring Data for Unregulated Contaminants provides information on a series of EPA mandated drinking water tests that occurred in 2018.  The results provide the EPA with data to determine if these contaminants need to be regulated in the future to protect public health.
  • Manatee County provides drinking water that meets all safety standards and strives to provide drinking water to each tap in our system that is free from unfavorable odor or tastes. Sometimes customers report a mild taste or odor. The Water Odor Taste Fact Sheet describes some of these concerns, details possible causes, and for some, provides diagnostic procedures that can be performed by homeowners.


  • Water Purification Plant
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