Pay Utility Bill Online Help

Registering for CWA

  1. Visit the Customer Web Access (CWA) website and click the Register Now button.
  2. Fill out the Registration information
    • Account Number: Enter your Utilities Account Number (ex: 987654-123456).
    • User Name: Enter the name you want to use to log into CWA in the future.
    • Password: Enter the password you want to use to log into CWA in the future.
    • Verify Password: Retype the password exactly as you entered it in the Password field.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Fill out the Registration - Identity Verification section
    • Residential accounts: Enter last four digits of your social security number and last four digits of your driver's license or passport ID number.
    • Commercial accounts: Enter the last four digits of your Federal ID number.
    • If you do not already have a CWA account and do not have a social security number/Federal ID number or driver's license/passport ID in our system, please contact Utilities Customer Service at 941-792-8811.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Complete the Registration - User Preferences section.
    • Email Address: Enter your email address.
    • Retype your Email Address.
    • Security Question: Choose a security question from the dropdown field.
    • Security Answer: Enter an answer for the Security Question.
    • Click the Submit button to complete the registration.
      • Based upon our records, you may receive an email from us shortly after clicking on Submit. Please follow the directions within to verify this new email address.
      • This request will expire in 3 days if it is not verified.
      • A verified email is required to make payments using CWA.

Logging into CWA

  1. Visit the Customer Web Access (CWA) website.
  2. Enter the Username you established when you registered.
  3. Enter the Password you established when you registered.
  4. Click the Log In button.
    • If you have more than one account, the system displays the Account List page.
    • Otherwise, it displays the Accounts Summary page.

Accessing the Wallet

From the Wallet tab, customers can view, add, edit, or delete a stored payment account. Customers can store an unlimited number of payment accounts in their Wallet.