Historical Commission


The purpose of the Historical Commission is to collect, record, and preserve the history of Manatee County through the acceptance of donations of money and artifacts.

The Manatee County Historical Commission, Inc. raises funding for building restoration and the care of collections at Manatee Village Historical Park.

Programs are offered during the year, such as the Manatee History Day, lectures on historical topics, as well as special events like Cracker Christmas, the annual Heritage Days Open House, and Spirit Voices from Old Manatee.

Membership Requirements

  • The Commission consists of a maximum of 17 members, one of whom is the Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • The remaining 16 members are nominated by the Historical Commission and confirmed by the Board of County Commissioners for terms not to exceed four years

Application Form

The Historical Commission is currently accepting applications for four seats with terms beginning on January 1.

Please complete the Historical Commission application attached below and submit to the address on the form. The Manatee County application form is not required for this advisory commission.


The Historical Commission generally meets at noon, on the second Friday of each month. These meetings typically take place at the Manatee Village Historical Park, Wiggins Store Conference Rom at 1404 Manatee Avenue East in Bradenton.

For more information contact Phaedra Dolan, Supervisor, Manatee Village Historical Park, at 941-749-7165, or by email: [email protected].

Additional information is available on the Manatee Village website.


  • Ciara Cosby, Chairman
  • Madison Easterling, Vice Chairman
  • Susan Pomerantz, Secretary
  • Angelina Colonneso, Ex-Officio
  • Keith Van Leuven
  • Paul Thomas
  • Heather Sniffen
  • James Adkins
  • Kristy Zinna

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained directly from the Historical Commission at (941) 749-7165.