Historic Preservation Board


The Historic Preservation Board was established in order to preserve and protect Manatee County's archaeologically, historically, and aesthetically significant sites, districts, and zones; to encourage historical and archaeological preservation; to identify historic buildings and sites and archaeological sites in Manatee County; and to insure appropriate preservation, restoration, renovation, development and adaptive reuse of historical buildings and archaeological sites.

Membership Requirements

  • The Historic Preservation Board consists of five voting members.
  • The members are appointed by the BCC for four year terms.
  • Members shall be qualified electors in Manatee County who have knowledge of archaeological, historical or architectural development or have deep concern for the preservation development and enhancement of historic resources in Manatee County.
  • Whenever possible, the Historic Preservation Board shall be composed of individuals with the following background: architecture, history, planning, archaeology, or historic preservation, plus two at-large members.
  • Members must be qualified electors.


The Advisory Board application must be completed and submitted for the applicant to be considered for appointment. The application is available for downloading on the Apply for an Advisory Board page.

For questions or additional information, please contact Bobbi Roy at (941) 748-4501, ext. 6878 or [email protected].


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 3 p.m. in the 1st floor Commission Chambers at the Manatee County Administrative Center, 1112 Manatee Ave West, Bradenton, FL 34205.

Current Members

Name Term Seat
Stephen D. Rees, Jr.
Ed Valley
Kyle Huff  10/14/2025
Albert Keown
Lucy Lawliss 10/14/2024


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