Manatee County and Independent Financial Advisors provide transparent, in-depth review for Community of Manatee County’s financial position

Manatee County and Independent Financial Advisors provide transparent, in-depth review for Community of Manatee County’s financial position
Posted on 08/28/2020

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Aug. 28, 2020) – The County Administrator, Clerk of the Court, and County Financial Management Director will join a host of independent professional financial advisors to provide a clear, thorough and transparent explanation of the County Government's finances, reserves and cash balances on Monday.

The report will be part of the County Commission's budget reconciliation — a final review of unresolved items — before two September public hearings to adopt the 2020-21 budget. The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. in the Longboat Key Room at the Bradenton Area Convention Center at One Haben Boulevard, Palmetto. This meeting can be viewed live on Manatee Government Access (MGA) Spectrum channel 644, Verizon channel 30, and Comcast channel 20. It will be streamed live on and on the County's Facebook page.

"We are taking this opportunity to clearly define the position of the County as it relates to revenues, expenses, reserves, debt and cash on hand," said County Administrator Cheri Coryea. "Most citizens may not be aware of the extent to which laws and policy govern the way in which County Governments are required to provide services to the community. Since for the most part these are taxpayers dollars I want to be sure that we’ve taken the time to provide this information and have asked several independent financial advisors to help break down the various areas of financial data.

"Seeing a hurricane like Laura roll through and change everything in a few short hours, as well as dealing with a global pandemic pushed me to want to reassure our County that we are prepared and ready for whatever comes," Coryea said. "When misinformation about government financing starts to spread throughout the community, it is my job to correct and support the position the County Commission has taken in order to serve, protect and deliver to the public.”

"This will be by far the most comprehensive, transparent presentation of government fund accounting and reporting I have witnessed of a local government," said Angel Colonneso, Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller. "I would encourage any citizen interested in the 'how and why' of government financial reporting and budgeting to watch this presentation. I know that the County put a lot of work and preparation into this presentation as did the staff at our office and we are honored to be a part of this collaborative effort to bring this information to our citizens."

The Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller is auditor, custodian and chief financial officer of all county funds. The Clerk's office serves a check and balances function on behalf of taxpayers. The Clerk & Comptroller also invests and earns revenues on county funds to offset the tax burden on Manatee County's taxpayers.

Each year the County plans its budget during a series of public workshops that review each of the County's departments, divisions and programs. Monday's work session will include a discussion of the County’s Budget and Financial Statements that allow for short, intermediate, and long-term planning for the future of Manatee County’s Infrastructure and direct services for the citizens.

“One of the major goals of this work session is to provide not only the Commissioners but the taxpayers with clear understanding of how their taxes, fees, reserves, investments are planned to provide infrastructure as well as services," said Jan Brewer, Manatee County Financial Management Director. "In addition, will be reviewing strategy for debt."

Throughout the process, all financial updates and materials are posted to The budget process and all materials are transparent and available to the public throughout the year.