EMS Nationally Recognized for Quality Care

Emergency Medical Services Nationally Recognized for Its Commitment to Quality Care for Heart Attacks & Strokes
Posted on 07/02/2024
Manatee County EMS and AHA Mission Lifeline Silver ImageMANATEE COUNTY, FL (July 2, 2024) – Manatee County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has received the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline® EMS Silver Achievement Award for its commitment to offering rapid and research-based care to people experiencing the most severe form of heart attacks and strokes, ultimately saving lives.

Emergency Medical Services staff can begin treatment when they arrive—up to an hour sooner than if someone goes to the hospital by car. EMS staff also are trained to provide resuscitation efforts to someone whose heart has stopped. People who arrive by ambulance may also receive faster treatment at the hospital.

Mission: Lifeline EMS is the American Heart Association's national initiative to advance the system of care for patients with high-risk, time-sensitive disease states, such as severe heart attacks and strokes. The program helps reduce barriers to prompt treatment—starting from when 911 is called to EMS transport and continuing through hospital treatment and discharge. Optimal care for heart attack and stroke patients takes coordination between the individual prehospital providers and healthcare systems.

“Arguably the most important link in the chains of survival for acute stroke and cardiovascular emergencies is emergency medical services and prehospital professionals,” said Edward Jauch, M.D., MS, MBA, Chair of the Department of Research at the University of North Carolina Health Sciences at Mountain Area Health Center. “Early condition identification, stabilization and prehospital interventions, and initiation of actions within the regional systems of care, provide patients with the best chance for receiving expedient definitive therapies, leading to optimal outcomes and maximized quality of life.

The Mission: Lifeline EMS achievement award focuses on agencies’ on-scene care, bringing to the forefront the collaboration and contributions to patient care for prehospital providers.

“Manatee County EMS is honored to be recognized by the American Heart Association for our dedication to providing optimal care for heart attack patients,” said James Crutchfield, Deputy Director of Public Safety. “The Mission: Lifeline® program puts proven knowledge and guidelines to work on a daily basis, so patients have the best possible chance of survival.”

“This validates our ongoing efforts, showcasing our commitment to top-quality emergency medical services,” said Manatee County District 5 Commissioner Ray Turner.