Recycle Guys

The "Recycle Guys" want your help!


They want you to recycle at school and at home.

What is recycling?

Image What is recycling?

Recycling is done by taking materials from old discarded materials and making other new products from them. Aluminum cans and plastic water bottles are easy to recycle and you save energy and other natural resources by recycling them. Each week you can fill up your recycle bins and set them out at the curb for pick up and to go off to be recycled into something new and useful.

What about e-scrap?

Image What about e-scrap?
There are other items you may not think about when it comes to recycling things. So how about your computer and TV when it stops working and can no longer be repaired? It can be recycled too. All the plastic and circuit boards on computers and TVs are totally recyclable. There are special collection days for all electronic things you are ready to get rid of.

How to Recycle E-Scrap

Did you know?

Did you know that cell phones are almost 100% recyclable? If they are still working, they can also be used for programs like "Cell Phones for Soldiers" and "Phones for Charity" which help people who need a phone but do not have enough money to buy one.

Keep Manatee County litter free

Recycling also reduces the amount of litter along our roadways and beautiful beaches. So, let's do our best and start helping the Recycle Guys today!