Development Services Frequently Asked Questions


Planning and Zoning

If the information you are seeking is not shown please contact the Reviewer on Call team at (941) 748-4501 ext. 6894 or send an email to the reviewer on call.

You may also come in to see us at the Zoning Counter at 1112 Manatee Avenue West, 4th floor, Suite 408. The Reviewer on Call Team handles all questions regarding zoning, land use and development in the unincorporated areas of Manatee County.

Where can I find the zoning for my property?

Zoning can be found using our GIS mapping system

When the map loads in the box titled live maps layer visibility place a check mark in the box next to Zoning/DRI for current zoning.

To find your future land use category place a check mark in the box next to Comprehensive Planning.

Database can be searched using, property identification number, owner's name or property address.

Property Identification numbers can be obtained from the Manatee County Property Appraiser's Office.


What are the building setbacks for my property?

Setbacks are measured from the property line into the interior of the lot where the structure or building will be placed. Please note, structures cannot be placed in any easements or buffers.

If your property is located in a standard zoning district, setbacks can be found in the Land Development Code Chapter 4 (see Table 4-3 Village Districts, Table 4-4 Agricultural and Residential Districts, Table 4-5 Mobile Home Districts, Table 4-6 Office, Commercial, Industrial  and Extraction Districts). 

If your zoning is PDR (Planned Development Residential), setbacks can be found by contacting the Reviewer on Call at 941-749-3070.

Can I have a business in my home?

Manatee County Land Development Code does allow some home occupations without any approvals with the following limitations:

  1. The home cannot take on the appearance of a business.
  2. There cannot be any outdoor storage or display of merchandise.
  3. There cannot be any retail or wholesale transactions.
  4. No assembly, processing or fabrication operations are allowed.
  5. No signs advertising the business are allowed.
  6. The business can occupy no more than 25% of the home or two hundred (200) square feet of the first floor, whichever is less, exclusive of an open porch, attached garage or similar accessory uses.
  7. No traffic should be generated in greater volume than normally expected in a residential neighborhood.

Please contact the Reviewer on Call at 941-748-4501 ext 6871 or send email to [email protected] to see if your proposed business meets the aforementioned conditions.

I would like to subdivide my property, what is the process?

If you are dividing your property in lots of less than five acres, a subdivision plat will be required when the third lot from the parent parcel* is created or a street is created for access. Parent Parcel is the property in its original configuration that has not been divided since May 4, 1981.

All lots created must meet the zoning district regulations for the zoning district where the property is located.

If the property is in a platted subdivision, recorded with the Clerk of Courts, you must submit an application to replat.

Please contact the Reviewer on call at 941-748-4501 ext 6871 or send email to [email protected] to start the process for subdivision plat approval.

How do I apply for a retail alcohol beverage license?

Manatee County is only a signatory agent for retail alcohol beverage licenses. To apply for a license you must contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Manatee County will review the state license for zoning compliance. A review fee of $50.00 will be assessed.

I'm ready to begin development, what is my next step?

The first step in the development process is to schedule a pre-application conference. A pre-application conference is an informational meeting that is used to discuss the process and the code requirements before submission of the land use application for obtaining approval of the proposed development. A conceptual plan will be required.


Where can I find a copy of my platted subdivision?

Platted subdivisions are recorded with the Manatee County Clerk of Court

What are my setbacks for a Residential Pool and Screened Pool Enclosure?

Setbacks for swimming pools and screened pool enclosures are five (5) feet from the side and rear property lines, however no pool or pool cage shall encroach in any easements or drainage swales.