Manatee County Development Services Builds with the Community

Manatee County Development Services Builds with the Community
Posted on 05/05/2022
MANATEE COUNTY, FL (May 5, 2022) – In one of the fastest-growing, most vibrant, and evolving counties in the country, Manatee County Development Services is streamlining its processes to help monitor and coordinate that growth.

“We are committed to delivering superior customer service,” said Development Services Director Courtney De Pol – who took over the department at the beginning of 2022. Through targeted recruitment, coordination of responsibilities and team building, De Pol says her staff is now poised to “effectively handle development in Manatee County from start to finish.”

Every day -- and thousands of times each year -- Manatee County property owners, building contractors and permit agents work with Development Services team members to permit, inspect, and complete licensing processes in compliance with the Florida Building Code. Business is booming – with increases in permits from 2020-2022 estimated at 45% and inspections going up by nearly two-thirds during the same period.

Long-term growth is an emphasis for planning and zoning employees, who focus on following development policies, codes, and neighborhood-level engagement. They handle management of the county’s Comprehensive Plan, land use development, and site plan review. Environmental Planners keep air and water quality at the forefront of their efforts, protecting and preserving our most important natural resources -- while balancing the needs for growth and coordinated development.

And the department is continuing to create efficiencies – through technology and hands-on efforts -- to provide more customer-centric and responsive service. Further coordination of tasks and re-aligning workflow is being implemented to optimize staff expertise and enhance efficiencies.

“These folks have done an outstanding job,” said Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes, pointing to the positive changes in the department. It’s been the right leadership, the right approach and the right timing.”

County Commissioners also lauded the leadership for creating a more positive workplace.

“I’m really proud to have all of you working for Manatee County,” said District Four Commissioner Misty Servia.

“What a difference,” said District Five Commissioner Vanessa Baugh. “It’s the fresh blood and you all working as a team.”