New Park Attendant Program

New Park Attendant Program
Posted on 01/06/2023
Young boy shooting basketball hoopMANATEE COUNTY, FL (January 9, 2023) – Visitors to Manatee County’s parks and recreation sites can look forward to a safer and more secure experience in the new year—thanks to the innovative Park Attendant program.

After ushering in a slew of new courts, pools and fields across the county in 2022, it became clear to staffers that the facilities were being used now more than ever, creating the need for more oversight. A Budget Amendment to fund the Recreation Coordinators was approved by the Board of County Commissioners on November 16, 2022. Starting January 14, full-time park attendants will be stationed at the County’s busiest parks, enabling constant support of our citizens, leagues and visitors.

“The attendants will be there for our guests,” said Manatee County Sports and Leisure Grounds Deputy Director Carmine DeMilio. “Their jobs will be keeping our parks and restrooms clean, providing a presence in the parks, minimizing vandalism and providing excellent customer service.”

The new staffers will be easy to spot—wearing bright orange shirts—ready to answer any questions, address any concerns and respond to issues, such as light failures or field set ups. This will increase efficiency for game play, create a positive presence in the park and allow the opportunity to interact directly with guests daily.

They will also help keep the parks secure. Recent vandalism events at county parks have cost thousands of dollars to repair. The park attendant presence throughout the day—and night—will help provide real-time, on-site observation and the ability to alert first responders in the event of any emergency.

“It’s a wonderful way to keep trained eyes on some of our most important and utilized facilities,” said Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes. “This will help keep them world-class.”

Sports and Leisure Services staffers are also excited about the new campaign encouraging players and patrons to use the county’s 3-1-1 system to submit concerns about the amenities. County operators are there to address suggestions and concerns with a simple phone call. The coordination with the park attendant program will help safeguard a first-rate visit—every time.