WWII Veterans Now Eligible for VA Health Care

WWII Veterans Now Eligible for VA Health Care
Posted on 11/17/2023
MANATEE COUNTY, FL (November 17, 2023) – The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that all World War II Veterans are now eligible for no-cost VA inpatient and outpatient health care.

Under this expansion, all WWII Veterans who served between December 7, 1941, and Dec. 31, 1946, are now eligible for VA health care, regardless of their length of service or financial status. These Veterans will not have to pay inpatient or outpatient copays, enrollment fees or monthly premiums. Veterans who enroll may also keep their private providers, Medicare and most other insurance to meet their health care needs.

“Supporting our WW II Veterans, the Greatest Generation who bravely responded to the call, is an incredible privilege,” said Manatee County At-Large Commissioner Jason Bearden. “We wholeheartedly believe they deserve this well-earned benefit and so much more. Helping them receive it is a source of immense pride for us.”

All WWII Veterans are encouraged to enroll in VA health care.

“We are standing by to help these Veterans with the application process,” said Manatee County Veterans Services Manager Renee Medina. “The Manatee County Veterans Services Office is an important link in helping Veterans and their dependents obtain the earned benefits they so greatly deserve.”

Veterans who are enrolled in VA health care are proven to have better health outcomes than non-enrolled Veterans, and VA hospitals have dramatically outperformed non-VA hospitals in overall quality ratings and patient satisfaction ratings.

Veterans who were not approved for VA health care in the past due to income limits should apply again; income levels no longer apply due to this expansion. VA cannot automatically enroll these Veterans in health care; WWII Veterans must apply for VA health care if they are not currently enrolled.

While World War II Veterans will no longer have to pay inpatient or outpatient copays, they may still have to pay modest medication or urgent care copayments in some cases, depending on their eligibility and service connection. To apply for VA health care, visit the VA health care enrollment website, call 1-800-MyVA411 (800-698-2411) or visit your nearest VA medical center or clinic.