Robinson Preserve Receives New Distinction

Manatee Preserves Highlight Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail Sites
Posted on 09/14/2023
Robinson PreserveMANATEE COUNTY, FL (September 14, 2023) – Manatee County has received another honor that’s “for the birds.” The Robinson Preserve—noted for its diverse avian populations—has been added to the Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail sites.

Sites listed on the official Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail are selected for inclusion based on their unique wildlife viewing opportunities and ecological significance, educational opportunities, access for the public and resilience to recreational use. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has proudly selected 14 new sites (including Robinson Preserve) to receive this distinction.

“This is a highly valued designation,” said Charlie Hunsicker, Director of Manatee County Natural Resources Department. “Visiting birders will be rewarded with a great experience.”

Already, Manatee County’s Emerson and Leffis Key Preserves are on the Trail list—a network of more than 500 premier wildlife viewing sites across the state. Every year, millions of people, residents and visitors alike, participate in wildlife viewing activities, contributing billions of dollars to Florida’s economy. But the goal of the Trail is to encourage conservation of Florida’s native habitats and species.

“This is a huge honor,” said Commissioner Jason Bearden. “To be included, again, is testament to our County’s commitment to natural resources.”

Photo Credit: Thomas Dougherty

Photo Credit - Top Banner Picture: Dennis Stroud